Closest thing we have to a "stock model", the Pristina line is built from classic 42" to 46" long oval Queen Anne coffee tables. Trim and leg styling may vary, so we'll post images as they are built to give an idea of the available options.

*Your Choice*

As these machines are built by request, you may choose any gaming core you like - our most popular options are the Raspberry Pi running RetroPie, and the ubiquitos Blee 60-in-1 JAMMA core which comes with 55 iconic vertical-screen arcade classics and five variants of the most popular from those.

Message us on Facebook to find out what else we can do to customize this one for you!

Overall Dimensions
46"x28"x18" (approx.)

Display Type: IPS LED
Size (diag.): Up to 24"
Aspect Ratio: 16:9/4:3
Shield: Plexiglass/Glass
Orientation: Fixed Cocktail (recessed)

This product can be configured to accept coins or tokens

Pricing & Availability
This product is built to customer specifications on request, which generally requires 2-6 weeks lead time, depending on availability and stock of components.

Pricing starts at $525.00.
(Subject to change depending on market price of components.)

Contact us on Facebook to inquire about purchasing this model, and specifying any upgrades or special requests.